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  • Type: Low Cost
  • IATA: S8


Skywise is an independently owned airline in South Africa. The airline currently operates just over 230 flights a month with a 737 fleet. It has recieved lots of media attention in recent days due to its very human and very authentic approach. It also recieved a lot of attention for their current offering of unlimited travel for a fixed price per month. Irfan Pardesi is the current CEO of the airline, and Tabz Qadir and Javed Malik are the CO-Chairpersons. Irfan shares the position with...

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Unlimited Travel for a monthly subscription? Unlimited Travel for a monthly subscription?


When you are a startup in the technology space, a great product solving a pressing problem wins. What do you do when you are in the aviation space? The product is mostly indifferent, everyone...

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