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Routesonline, home to the world's air service development community. Today we are recognised as the leading source for air service development events and news.

There is no better way to market your product than by partnering with the official website of the Routes events, Routesonline.

Our audience

We boast a highly qualified audience, we know who our users are and we know where they are from. This provides our customers with the unique opportunity of delivering targetted successful campaigns with quantifiable results.

Category Example Job Titles
Middle Management Network Planners, Marketing Managers, Commercial Managers, Business Development Managers;
Senior Management Commercial Directors, Aviation Marketing Directors, Head of Business Development, Regional Directors;
Executives Planners, Business Development Officers, Analysts
Heads of Organisation Vice Presidents, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Director Generals

The Routesonline community is highly engaged with our product. We have over 250k+ pageviews each month and our core audience visits an average of 7 pages per session. This means that our audience isn't simply coming to Routesonline and leaving without seeing any advertising, Routesonline is a tool used by the air service development community in their day-to-day worklife.

Month Pageviews Core Audience
Session Duration
Core Audience
Users (Loyalty)
229,232 00:07:36 6.10 81.3%
242,843 00:08:50 7.12 91.9%
256,833 00:07:00 6.80 94.5%

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Our customers include

Toronto Pearson International Airport Munich Airport Saint Petersburg International Pulkovo Airport
Auckland Airport Athens International Airport S.A. - Eleftherios Venizelos Budapest Airport
Flughafen Zürich AG Brussels Airport Nice Cote d Azur Airport
Ekaterinburg Koltsovo Airport Dublin Airport Montpellier Mediterranee - South of France

Airlines using Routesonline

Just 12 of the 234 airlines who engaged with Routesonline in Jul 2014

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