Volotea Adds New Routes in S14


Volotea Adds New Routes in S14

Update at 1700GMT 07OCT13

Volotea in Summer 2014 season is introducing 6 new routes, as per GDS timetable/inventory display as well as the OAG. Currently, Volotea schedule listing in both GDS and OAG is only available until late-May 2014.

eff 12APR14 Bordeaux – Figari 2 weekly
eff 12APR14 Bordeaux – Palma Mallorca 2 weekly
eff 13APR14 Bordeaux – Calvi 2 weekly
eff 26APR14 Ajaccio – Caen 2 weekly
eff 26APR14 Nantes – Figari 2 weekly
eff 27APR14 Nantes – Calvi 2 weekly

Operational schedule is omitted is this post due to variations during selected periods.

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