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Foreword/News/Routes events update/Support group/Dragon’s den/Good fortune?/one2one/Straight talk/Golden opportunity/Kangaroo hops/Looking local/Changing times/Independence day/Steaming ahead/Top priority/Making waves/View from the top/OAG statistics: India


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Routes events update

Support group
Clay Tyeryar, IARDA secretary, muses on the benefits of industry association membership during economic downturns.

Dragon’s den
Hong Kong-based Dragonair’s network in China will be vital this year, believes CEO, Kenny Tang. Lucy Siebert finds out more.

Good fortune?
China may prove to be more resilient during
the downturn than many other regions, writes James Halstead.

Southwest Airlines’ senior planner for network strategy and schedule planning, Ty Bronchetti.

Straight talk
Attendees of Routes Americas in Cancun shared their key words for 2009 with Routes News.

Golden opportunity
India’s importance as an outbound market continues to grow, writes 
Lucy Siebert.

Kangaroo hops
The leading Gulf carriers believe they can grab more USAustralasia traffic. Chris Kjelgaard reports.

Looking local
The economic slowdown means that New Zealand is turning more attention to short-haul markets. Peta Tomlinson and Lucy Siebert report.

Changing times
What does 2009 have in store for Athens International Airport? Joe 
Bates reports.

Independence day
Oliver Clark considers what the sale of London Gatwick Airport means for passengers and
airlines alike.

Steaming ahead
Integrated rail links offer significant benefits for airports, writes Oliver Clark.

Top priority
Nigel Mayes argues that route development has never been more vital.

Making waves
Once reliant on pearl trading, Qatar’s history as a seafaring nation is reflected by water-inspired designs at the New Doha International Airport. Sarah Campbell reports.

View from the top
AAPA director general, Andrew Herdman, reflects on how Asia-Pacific airlines are responding to the global recession.

OAG statistics: India

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