JAL Sendai operation 21APR11 – 08MAY11

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JAL has announced planned operation at Sendai Airport from 21APR11 to 08MAY11. From 21APR11 to 28APR11, it’ll be operating 2 Daily Tokyo Haneda – Sendai and Osaka Itami – Sendai service.

From 29APR11 to 08MAY11, it’ll be operating 3 Daily Osaka Itami – Sendai and 1 Daily Sapporo Chitose – Sendai service.

Schedule as follows:

Tokyo Haneda – Sendai
JL4721 HND0655 – 0800SDJ 73H 27APR11-28APR11
JL4721 HND0915 – 1020SDJ 73H 21APR11-26APR11
JL4723 HND1145 – 1250SDJ M90 21APR11-28APR11

JL4722 SDJ0845 – 0950HND 73H 27APR11-28APR11
JL4722 SDJ1115 – 1220HND 73H 21APR11-26APR11
JL4724 SDJ1345 – 1450HND M90 21APR11-28APR11

Osaka Itami – Sendai
JL4755 ITM0750 – 0905SDJ 73H 21APR11-28APR11
JL4755 ITM0815 – 0930SDJ 73H 29APR11-08MAY11
JL4947 ITM0925 – 1040SDJ E70 29APR11-08MAY11
JL4757 ITM1515 – 1630SDJ 73H 29APR11-08MAY11
JL4757 ITM1520 – 1635SDJ 73H 21APR11-28APR11

JL4756 SDJ1000 – 1120ITM 73H 21APR11-28APR11
JL4756 SDJ1025 – 1145ITM 73H 29APR11-08MAY11
JL4948 SDJ1505 – 1625ITM E70 29APR11-08MAY11
JL4758 SDJ1725 – 1845ITM 73H 29APR11-08MAY11
JL4758 SDJ1730 – 1850ITM 73H 21APR11-28APR11

Sapporo Chitose – Sendai
JL4956 CTS1310 – 1415SDJ E70 29APR11-08MAY11
JL4955 SDJ1130 – 1240CTS E70 29APR11-08MAY11