Camair-Co Postpone Intra-Africa Service launch till Aug – Oct 2011

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Cameroon’s Camair-Co has postponed planned Regional service within Africa. These service were due to launch in June 2011 but postponed till between mid-August 2011 and late-October 2011, including service to Bangui, Brazzaville, Cotonou, Dakar, Lagos and Libreville.

Planned schedule and launch date revision as follows:

Douala – Bangui Service effective 18OCT11. Original launch date was 30MAY11 and later switched to 28JUN11
QC701 DLA1820 – 2005BGF 73G 246
QC702 BGF2050 – 2225DLA 73G 246

Douala – Brazzaville Service effective 09OCT11. Original launch date was 16MAY11 and later switched to 28JUN11
QC801 DLA1310 – 1500BZV 73G 247
QC802 BZV1545 – 1730DLA 73G 247

Douala – Cotonou – Dakar Service effective 12SEP11. Original launch date was 21JUN11
QC601 DLA1145 – 1315COO1400 – 1620DKR 73G 135
QC602 DKR1705 – 2130COO2215 – 2350DLA 73G 135

Douala – Lagos Service effective 21AUG11. Original launch date was 16MAY11 and later switched to 21JUN11. Service is operating 3 times a week instead of previously planned 6 weekly
QC401 DLA0815 – 0940LOS 73G 247
QC402 LOS1025 – 1200DLA 73G 247

Douala – Libreville Service effective 15AUG11. Original launch date was 01JUN11 and later switched to 20JUN11.
QC301 DLA0815 – 0910LBV 73G 135
QC302 LBV0955 – 1045DLA 73G 135

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