Japan TransOcean Air & Mandarin Airlines Taichung – Okinawa Charters in mid-Sep 2011

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Japan TransOcean Air (JTA) and Mandarin Airlines this week and next week each will be operating 2 round-trip charter services on Taichung – Okinawa route.

JTA operates with Boeing 737-400 aircraft and Mandarin operates with Embraer E190.

Planned Schedule:

Japan TransOcean Air (JTA/NU)
NU6905 OKA0700 – 0740RMQ 734 21SEP11
NU6907 OKA1600 – 1640RMQ 734 23SEP11

NU6906 RMQ0900 – 1130OKA 734 21SEP11
NU6908 RMQ1740 – 2010OKA 734 23SEP11

Mandarin Airlines (AE)
AE7326 RMQ0710 – 0945OKA E90 22SEP11
AE7326 RMQ1635 – 1915OKA E90 25SEP11

AE7327 OKA1045 – 1120RMQ E90 22SEP11
AE7327 OKA2015 – 2045RMQ E90 25SEP11

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