THAI Smile to Launch Operation from July 2012: Planned A320 Operational Routes

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As per 02FEB12 Sabre timetable listing, THAI’s new regional carrier THAI Smile is scheduled to launch operation from 01JUL12. THAI Smiles in 2012 is to operate 4 Airbus A320, and will gradually increase to 11 by 2015.

THAI Smile is to offer 2-class service on A320. Planned operational routes, effective dates as follows. Please note that all routes listed below are currently not yet reflected in THAI’s international reservation system nor its website for the moment.

Bangkok – Chiang Mai eff 01AUG12 TG106/107, 1 Daily
TG106 BKK0910 – 1020CNX 320 D
TG107 CNX1545 – 1650BKK 320 D

Bangkok – Gaya – Varanasi – Bangkok eff 01OCT12 Winter service resumes with A320, replaces 737-400
TG327 BKK1210 – 1400GAY1445 – 1535VNS 320 x357
TG328 GAY1445 – 1535VNS1630 – 2115BKK 320 x357

Bangkok – Jakarta 01AUG12 – 30SEP12 Overall service increases from 1 to 2 Daily
TG433 BKK0800 – 1135CGK 333 D
TG435 BKK1435 – 1810CGK 320 D

TG434 CGK1235 – 1605BKK 333 D
TG436 CGK1900 – 2230BKK 320 D

Bangkok – Kolkata eff 01AUG12 A320 replaces A330-300. Service operates 1 Daily (25MAR12 – 31JUL12 operates 6 weekly)
TG313 BKK2345 – 0045+1CCU 320 D
TG314 CCU0200 – 0610BKK 320 D

Bangkok – Macau eff 01JUL12 NEW 2 Daily Service
TG604 BKK0730 – 1115MFM 320 D
TG616 BKK1445 – 1830MFM 320 D

TG605 MFM1200 – 1345BKK 320 D
TG617 MFM1915 – 2100BKK 320 D

Bangkok – Phnom Penh eff 01AUG12 2 Daily service operated by A320, replacing 737-400/A300-600R
TG580 BKK0755 – 0905PNH 320 D
TG584 BKK1815 – 1925PNH 320 D

TG581 PNH1005 – 1110BKK 320 D
TG585 PNH2025 – 2130BKK 320 D

Bangkok – Surat Thani eff 01SEP12 2 Daily service operated by A320, replacing 737-400
TG253 BKK0950 – 1105URT 320 D
TG257 BKK1750 – 1905URT 320 D

TG254 URT1135 – 1245BKK 320 D
TG258 URT1935 – 2045BKK 320 D

Chiang Mai – Phuket eff 01AUG12 A320 replaces A300-600R
TG129 CNX1050 – 1245HKT 320 D
TG214 HKT1315 – 1510CNX 320 D

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