ANA Boeing 787 Domestic Japan Operation July – Sep 2012

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As per 30APR12 GDS timetable and inventory display, ANA’s planned Boeing 787 Domestic operation from 01JUL12 to 30SEP12 as follows. As always last-minute aircraft changes remain possible:

Tokyo Haneda – Kumamoto 
NH641 HND0825 – 1015KMJ 78P D
NH643 HND1025 – 1210KMJ 78P D

NH644 KMJ1100 – 1240HND 78P D
NH646 KMJ1300 – 1435HND 78P D

NH641/644 eff 01AUG12

Tokyo Haneda – Fukuoka
NH253 HND1230 – 1415FUK 78P D
NH257 HND1400 – 1545FUK 78P D

NH258 FUK1500 – 1640HND 78P D
NH262 FUK1645 – 1830HND 78P D

NH257/262 does not operate with 787 from 01AUG12 to 31AUG12
NH253/258 operates with 787 from 01AUG12 to 31AUG12

Tokyo Haneda – Hiroshima
NH673 HND0750 – 0915HIJ 78P D
NH677 HND1200 – 1320HIJ 78P D
NH679 HND1315 – 1435HIJ 78P D
NH683 HND1710 – 1830HIJ 78P D

NH676 HIJ1040 – 1205HND 78P D
NH680 HIJ1420 – 1540HND 78P D
NH682 HIJ1530 – 1655HND 78P D
NH686 HIJ1920 – 2045HND 78P D

NH679 operates till 12JUL12, replaced by NH677 eff 13JUL12
NH673/676 operates till 31JUL12
NH682 operates till 31AUG12, replaced by NH680 from 01SEP12
NH683/686 does not operate with 787 from 01AUG12 to 31AUG12

Tokyo Haneda – Kagoshima
NH623 HND1140 – 1325KOJ 78P D
NH627 HND1620 – 1805KOJ 78P D
NH629 HND1850 – 2035KOJ 78P D

NH620 KOJ0810 – 0955HND 78P D
NH626 KOJ1415 – 1555HND 78P D
NH630 KOJ1855 – 2040HND 78P D

NH623/626, NH629/620 eff 01SEP12

Tokyo Haneda – Matsuyama
NH583 HND0720 – 0845MYJ 78P D
NH589 HND1215 – 1340MYJ 78P D
NH595 HND1730 – 1855MYJ 78P D
NH599 HND1915 – 2045MYJ 78P D

NH582 MYJ0740 – 0910HND 78P D
NH584 MYJ0935 – 1100HND 78P D
NH592 MYJ1430 – 1555HND 78P D
NH598 MYJ1945 – 2115HND 78P D

NH589/592, NH599/592 does not operate with 787 from 01AUG12 to 31AUG12
NH595/598 eff 01AUG12
NH583/584 eff 01SEP12

Tokyo Haneda – Okayama
NH651 HND0725 – 0840OKJ 78P D
NH653 HND0945 – 1100OKJ 78P D
NH657 HND1800 – 1915OKJ 78P D
NH659 HND1940 – 2100OKJ 78P D

NH652 OKJ0735 – 0850HND 78P D
NH654 OKJ0930 – 1050HND 78P D
NH656 OKJ1150 – 1310HND 78P D
NH660 OKJ2005 – 2125HND 78P D

NH653/656, NH659/652 operates with 787 from 01AUG12 to 31AUG12

Tokyo Haneda – Osaka Itami
NH019 HND1000 – 1105ITM 78P D
NH027 HND1400 – 1505ITM 78P D

NH024 ITM1200 – 1310HND 78P D
NH032 ITM1600 – 1710HND 78P D

NH019/024 does not operate with 787 from 01AUG12 to 31AUG12
NH027/032 eff 01AUG12

Tokyo Haneda – Yamaguchiube
NH691 HND0640 – 0820UBJ 78P D
NH695 HND1355 – 1535UBJ 78P D
NH699 HND1900 – 2040UBJ 78P D

NH692 UBJ0805 – 0935HND 78P D
NH694 UBJ0925 – 1100HND 78P D
NH698 UBJ1640 – 1815HND 78P D

NH695/698 operates with 787 until 31AUG12

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