Gulf Air Postpones Iran Service Resumption till Nov 2012

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Gulf Air has postponed planned service resumption to Iran, due to regulatory approval issues. Service to Isfahan, Mashad, Shiraz and Tehran are now scheduled to resume from 01NOV12.

Planned routes and schedules:

Bahrain – Isfahan eff 01NOV12 3 weekly flights
GF338 BAH2010 – 2210IFN E90 246
GF339 IFN2250 – 2355BAH E90 246

Bahrain – Mashad eff 02OV12 5 weekly flights (Previously to start from 22SEP12. Planned gradual increase to daily also cancelled)
GF320 BAH0045 – 0325MHD 320 56
GF322 BAH0945 – 1225MHD 321 137

GF321 MHD0410 – 0615BAH 320 x137
GF323 MHD1310 – 1515BAH 321 137

Bahrain – Shiraz eff 01NOV12 5 weekly flights (Previously to start from 23SEP12). Service increases to daily from 01DEC12
GF324 BAH0935 – 1115SYZ 32S 125
GF326 BAH2200 – 2340SYZ 320 x125

GF327 SYZ0025 – 0100BAH 320 x236
GF325 SYZ1200 – 1235BAH 32S 125

From 01NOV12 to 30NOV12, GF324/325 operates Day 15, GF326/327 on Day 347

Bahrain – Tehran eff 01NOV12 5 weekly (Previously to start from 25SEP12). Service increases to daily from 01DEC12
GF332 BAH0045 – 0315IKA 320 137
GF334 BAH2015 – 2245IKA 32S x137

GF333 IKA0440 – 0615BAH 320 137
GF335 IKA2330 – 0105+1BAH 32S x137

From 01NOV12 to 30NOV12, GF332/333 operates Day 13, GF334/335 on Day 456

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