Ukraine International Further Expands S13 Service with 8 More New Routes

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Ukraine International Airlines in Summer 2013 is planning to introduce 8 more new routes, which some are operated by Aerosvit. However at present time it is unknown whether UIA will replace Aerosvit on these routes. Planned schedule, as of 18DEC12 Amadeus timetable listing, as follows.

Kiev – Athens eff 01APR13 4 – 5 weekly
PS353 KBP0945 – 1235ATH 735 x247
PS354 ATH1420 – 1705KBP 735 x247

Service operates Day x47 from 18JUN13 to 01OCT13

Kiev – Ekaterinburg eff 31MAR13 3 – 7 weekly
PS581 KBP2020 – 0245+1SVX 73N 357
PS582 SVX0715 – 0800KBP 73N 146

Service operates Day x24 from KBP, Day x35 from SVX from 20MAY13 to 03JUL13; Daily from 04JUL13 to 09SEP13
Service operates Day x146 from KBP, Day x257 from SVX from 10SEP13

Kiev – Kaliningrad eff 31MAR13 1 Daily
PS597 KBP1045 – 1245KGD 735 D
PS598 KGD1525 – 1710KBP 735 D

Kiev – Karaganda 09JUN13 – 15SEP13 2 – 3 weekly
PS531 KBP2005 – 0350+1KGF 735 37
PS532 KGF0720 – 0830KBP 735 14

Service operates Day 357 from KBP, Day 146 from KGF from 07JUL13 to 22AUG13

Kiev – Kustanay 09JUN13 – 28AUG13 2 weekly
PS535 KBP1930 – 0205+1KSN 735 6
PS536 KSN0750 – 0840KBP 735 7

Service operates Day 36 from KBP, Day 47 from KSN from 03JUL13 to 28AUG13

Kiev – Nizhnevartovsk 21MAY13 – 14SEP13 2 – 5 weekly
PS589 KBP1945 – 0320+1NJC 735 25
PS590 NJC0635 – 0810KBP 735 36

Service operates Day 256 from KBP, Day 367 from NJC from 09JUN13 to 23JUN13
Service operates Day x13 from KBP, Day x24 from NJC from 24JUN13 to 14SEP13

Kiev – Thessaloniki 27APR13 – 28SEP13 1 weekly
PS361 KBP1005 – 1230SKG 735 6
PS362 SKG1325 – 1600KBP 735 6

Service operates Day 26 from 25JUN13 to 10SEP13

Kiev – Yerevan eff 01APR13 3 weekly
PS611 KBP1955 – 2340EVN 735 136
PS612 EVN0640 – 0835KBP 735 247

Service operates Day x257 from KBP, Day x136 from EVN from 14JUN13 to 27SEP13

Previously reported new routes can be found on 26NOV12 post.

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