QANTAS Chinese New Year flights to HK

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QANTAS during Chinese New Year 2010 is operating extra flights to Hong Kong. Extra flights are being operated on Sydney – Hong Kong and Brisbane – Hong Kong route, as well as limited time only Hong Kong – Cairns one-way flight.  Schedules as follows:

Sydney – Hong Kong / Hong Kong – Cairns
QF191 SYD1100 – 1720HKG 333 11FEB10
QF191 SYD1140 – 1800HKG 332 19FEB10
QF191 SYD1110 – 1730HKG 332 20FEB/21FEB10

QF182 HKG2015 – 0525+1CNS 333 11FEB10
QF182 HKG2030 – 0540+1CNS 333 12FEB10 – 14FEB10
QF182 HKG2100 – 0610+1CNS 333 15FEB10
QF182 HKG2100 – 0610+1CNS 332 16FEB10

Sydney – Hong Kong
QF197 SYD1145 – 1805HKG 332 21FEB10
QF198 HKG1935 – 0755+1SYD 332 21FEB10

Brisbane – Hong Kong
QF188 HKG1310 – 2359BNE 333 12FEB10
QF188 HKG2030 – 0720+1BNE 332 13FEB10/15FEB10

QF187 BNE1215 – 1900HKG 332 15FEB10
QF187 BNE0840 – 1525HKG 332 16FEB10

Sydney – Hong Kong QF087/088 operates with 747-400 instead of A330 on following date:
QF087 SYD1455 – 2045HKG 744 14FEB10
QF088 HKG0920 – 2120SYD 744 15FEB10

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