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  • Country: Flag of Lithuania Lithuania
  • Type: Charter

About The Airline

Why we are different?

What makes Small Planet Airlines a different charter airline company? In fact, it is a simple and powerful question that is rarely asked in boardrooms and aisles of the airline companies: a “Why not?” question.

We feel this is what the airline industry has missed. So we thought, why not to have a charter airline that challenges airline business conventions in a big way? That has a real business model to offer lowest prices for European quality service? That truly behaves as a partner and goes an extra mile for the passengers?

Small Planet Airlines was born from curiosity what is doable in chartered airline business and is driven by the question “Why not?”. If you adopt this attitude a world of infinite possibilities and improvements opens in-front of you: from the way we operate and serve our direct clients to the way we interact with our passengers. From the way we cut our costs to the way we develop our offer.

“Why?” is a bad question. “Why not?” is a great question. A question that opens airline business for change and a bit of fun. After all this world has got enough of boring airlines already.