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The Santiago airport concessionaire delivers 5,000 masks to the commune of Pudahuel

As the operator of the Arturo Merino Benítez airport, Nuevo Pudahuel continues to strengthen its work with the local community. This work includes a job bank, an education plan, and a native tree donation program to create new green areas in the municipality.

Nuevo Pudahuel, a consortium in charge of the operation of the main gateway to Chile, as well as the construction of the expansion plan for the air terminal, believes that their work to enhance the well-being of the local community is a priority. Since its arrival in Chile in 2015, the concessionaire has strengthened ties with its neighbors through the Illustrious Municipality of Pudahuel, to which it has today delivered 5,000 masks that will be distributed among its neighbors. These three-fold masks are hypoallergenic and have FDA - CE certification, also having an adjustable clip on the nose and complying with the sanitary recommendations of the Ministry of Health of Chile.

In this line, Nuevo Pudahuel, formed by Groupe ADP, VINCI Airports and Astaldi Concessioni, has launched several plans to enhance the quality of life of its neighbors thanks to joint work with the Municipality. These include a tree donation program to create new green areas in the commune, thanks to which more than 500 native species have been donated to the Santiago Amengual park, as well as a job bank that brings together job opportunities of the airport enclosure on a single online platform that neighbors can access. Additionally, volunteers from the concessionaire have taught English workshops at the Lyceum Ciudad de Brasilia, a low-income center in the Novitiate sector, 

The mayor of Pudahuel, Johnny Carrasco, commented that "From buying the kilo of bread of the day to buying masks that are not there, the option of many inhabitants of the commune is to eat. There are people, old men, who do not have masks and we offer them ... you don't know how much people appreciate you. Such simple gestures make people happy and that is appreciated "while the general manager of Nuevo Pudahuel, Xavier Lortat-Jacob, stressed that" We are going to continue strengthening the relationships that we have with this community. We have many workers and many collaborators who live in Pudahuel, so it makes a lot of sense for us as a New Pudahuel dealer to sign up for this position. "

In addition to its work with the local community, Nuevo Pudahuel has created an unprecedented plan to improve the passenger experience that includes a public digital library, book exchange points, free yoga sessions and the project "An airport for all ", which provides assistance to passengers with invisible disabilities. In addition, the concessionaire has embarked on an ambitious environmental transition in terms of energy, obtaining Level 1 of the Airport Carbon Accreditation from the ACI - Airport Council International , and has committed to becoming a zero net emissions airport by 2050.

The International Terminal (T2), will have almost 250,000 square meters and is inspired by the landscapes, geography, flora and fauna of Chile. The project consists of a new passenger handling area and four docks, or departure lounges, dedicated to international flights. After the inauguration of T2 during the first semester of 2021, T1 will be used entirely for domestic flights.