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Lodi: discover the cult-cities in Lombardy

While the past takes the name of Federico Barbarossa, the present goes by Renzo Piano, who transformed the headquarters of a bank into a shared space with an auditorium and covered piazza.

The celebrated emperor recreated the city after being burnt to the ground by the Milanese in 1158. At the center of the agricultural and woodland plain of the South Adda Park, Lodi has been fixed, taking great strides towards the future.

It’s Liberty heart is a testament to the Casa Biancardi, the Casa degli Angeli, the Fiat body shop of via Solferino and the Casa Arosio with the stained glass windows. The balconies and the gates date back to the 19th century, while the Tempio Civico of Santa Maria Incoronata goes back to the 15th century.

Add to the calendar the much anticipated Festival of Ethical Photography in October as well as the Harvest of Lodi, stockpiling pumpkins.