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Tigrolet of Rossiya Airlines celebrates its third anniversary at Vnukovo International Airport

Tigrolet of Rossiya Airlines celebrates its third anniversary at Vnukovo International Airport

Vnukovo International Airport, Rossiya Airlines, and ANO Center Amur Tiger, together with passengers, celebrated the third anniversary of the joint environmental project - the Tigrolet aircraft.

The purpose of the Tigrolet is to draw public attention to the problems of the conservation of rare species of animals. The nose of the Tigrolet (Boeing 747 aircraft with tail number EI-XLD) was decorated with an image of the head of a graceful Amur tiger. The presentation of this airliner in a particular "predatory" livery took place at Vnukovo Airport exactly three years ago, at the JetExpo-2016 exhibition.

An unusual aircraft celebrated its "birthday" on December 3, 2019. On this day, Rossiya Airlines, the Amur Tiger Center, and Vnukovo Airport prepared many surprises for passengers.

A few hours before the departure of the "Tiger Flight," thematic contests and quizzes were held. Passengers familiar with rare feline species, about Vnukovo Airport and Rossiya Airlines, received special gifts from the flight attendants of the airline from the "paws" of a tiger's growth figure. Besides, immediately before departure, a passenger with a happy boarding pass No. 312 (in honor of the festive date - 03.12) received a special gift from the Amur Tiger Center - a toy "Growling Amurchik" and a set of souvenirs from Vnukovo Airport.

Tigrolet celebrated its third anniversary both on the ground and in the air. The aircraft itself received that day an additional "tiger" clearance. Especially for a celebration were made "tiger" headrests and boarding passes for passengers. Besides, passengers who looked into the pocket of the front seat had the opportunity to learn a lot about the rare species of striped predators, in particular, the largest and most rare subspecies - the Amur tiger. Particular attention was paid to the smallest travelers - during the flight, each of them received souvenirs.

Over the three years of the project's existence, the liner completed a total of 1,525 flights and transported over 750 thousand passengers. The aircraft covered a distance of 6,280,000 kilometers (156 times around the Earth at the equator), spent 7,396 hours and 22 minutes in the air. The arrival of Tigrolet at airports around the world invariably attracts the attention of passengers, increasing interest in the conservation of rare species of animals, and also reminds of the need for a careful attitude to nature.

Besides, the second "Wild Cat Parade" was launched at Vnukovo Airport, in which three polygonal figures of Amur tigers, decorated in different styles, will take part. The size of each figure corresponds to the actual size of an adult male tiger. The first one is decorated in Chinese style and is installed at the registration area of ​​Terminal A.

For the placement of the art object, Vnukovo Airport was chosen due to joining the China Friendly program during this year. Besides, Vnukovo became the third-largest Russian aviation enterprise , which is adapting the service for a more comfortable stay for Chinese tourists.

The name of the figure: "Invulnerable like a phoenix." In mythology, the phoenix is ​​an immortal bird, a symbol of prosperity and nobility. The Amur tiger, like a phoenix, was reborn from the ashes and, thanks to the support of the inhabitants of Russia, is no longer in danger of extinction.

Recall that the first "Wild Cat Parade" was held in 2017 on Red Square. Then presented five figures of tigers, decorated in the style of national ornaments. All of them are now in private collections and decorate public spaces in Moscow, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, and Nur-Sultan.

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