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More than 27 million passengers for the first time

More than 27 million passengers for the first time

In 2016, 27.7 million passengers passed through Zurich Airport, corresponding to an increase of 5.3%. The number of flight movements was 1.5% higher than in 2015. Higher seating capacity owing to the use of larger aircraft resulted in lower utilisation (change -1.3%).

In 2016, Zurich Airport was host to a total of 27,666,428 passengers, representing a year-on-year increase of 5.3%.

The number of local passengers rose in 2016 by 6.5% to 20 million. Despite a decrease in the proportion of transfer passengers from 28.5% in 2015 to 27.6% in 2016, the number of transfer passengers at Zurich Airport went up by 2.3% to 7.6 million.

The average number of passengers per flight rose from 113.7 to 117.2. Whereas the seating capacity to and from Zurich went up by 6.6%, aircraft occupancy declined by 1.3% in 2016 to 75.8%.

Overall, there were 269,160 flight movements at Zurich Airport in 2016, corresponding to an increase of 1.5% compared with the previous year's figure. Swiss International Air Lines’ share of air traffic amounted to 54.2%, followed by Air Berlin (6.5%), Edelweiss Air (4.2%), Eurowings (3.0%) and British Airways (2.6%).

There was an increase in freight volume of 5.3% in 2016 compared with 2015. During the year under review, a total of 433,577 tonnes of freight were transported.

Key Figures December 2016
2'102'422 passengers were handled at Zurich Airport in December
(+10.5% vs. previous year).

Local passengers increased by 9.3% and transfer passengers by 14.1%. The transfer rate which was at 29.2% last December is at 30.1% in the month under review.

In December, air traffic movements increased to 20,428 (+3.2% vs. previous year).

The average seat load factor is at 74.3% (+1.1 percentage points vs. previous year) and the average passenger per movement figure increased to 115.7 (109.6 previous year).