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Osijek Airport Ltd.

  • Type: Airport

About The Airport

Osijek Airport Ltd. is located in a strategic and central location of Eastern Croatia.

Catchment area

The catchment area of the Osijek Airport comprises the neighbouring  countries of Hungary, Serbia and Bosnia&Herzegovina, where there is strong economical integration and easy cross border transportation/travel.

The total population of the catchment area is thus estimated to be 1,5 million inhabitants 

Strong Emigration, Opportunity of Ethnic Traffic to the Region Ethnic traffic-CROATIA

During the ‘90s large number of people has left the region and Germany and Austria have been the main destinations of emigrants. Due to this comparatively large diaspora there is ethnic traffic back into the region

Cargo possibility

Due to its location, great infrastructure and modern fully equipped object, and our capacity possibilities, the Osijek Airport is first choice for  cargo possibility.