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Foreign population / work force within AAL city / region → more direct routes

Dear partners, 

As a follow up on the news about AAL University and the International environment I would like to share this information on the total number of foreign/non-native work force within Aalborg city / region. 

Source: Udlændingeregisteret, CPR-registeret, CVR-registeret, DetailCOR

 Just a few keywords in regards to the news:

  • International environment
  • Global business / companies
  • Ethnic/Business traffic
  • Cooperation between regions companies and AAL airport

With the International environment and the benefits (tax, real estate etc) for companies more have seen the advantage of settling in the city/region.

These companies are “headhunting” the best profiles around the world for the right skills and knowledge. AAL airport and the regions companies are working together to make sure we have the right network and develop it according to the need/demand. Most important also to insure the right support/information to you as a partner (for potential  business / ethnic traffic). 

Below I have tried to display it in a simple way where the non-native residents are from and also where our commuters are travelling between → for you as a partner to see how this could fit your network within Europe but even into your own HUB´s and beyond.

Just to explain *Aalborg region = 6 municipalities (Aalborg, Jammerbugt, Rebild, Brønderslev, Fredriskhavn & Vesthimmerland) = owners of AAL airport.

Below we have the countries displayed for the non-native here as residents.

Top rank - displayed as following (living in Aalborg city / Living in the region)

1. Romania / Poland

2. Poland / Romania

3. Ukraine / Lithuania

4. Germany

5. Lithuania / Ukraine

6. Norway

7. Thailand / UK

8. UK / Thailand

9. Sweden / Bulgaria

10. Bulgaria / Turkey

More important is also the number of “commuters” we have – again it shows the patterns as above with similar countries / regions 

Top rank - displayed as following (To Aalborg city / To the region)

1. Poland

2. Romania

3. Germany / Lithuania

4. Lithuania / Germany

5. Sweden / Latvia

6. Latvia /  Sweden

7. Bulgaria

8. Hungary

9. UK / Italy

10. Norway / UK

I hope this gives you as a partner a good overview of all the potential business from AAL and also the idea how several routes can be combined in order to utilize the production and minimize the cost

For more information send me an email andreas.mathisen@aal.dk

Lets talk new routes!