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Baltimore/Washington International Airport
General Details
Organisation Type 15 Million +
Country/Region Flag of United States United States
List of Top 5 Airlines Southwest, Spirit, Delta, American, United
Number of Serving Airlines n/a
Number of Direct Destinations 91 nonstop destinations
Number of Terminals 1 terminal, 5 concourses
Number of Runways 3
Length of Main Runway (m) 3,200m
Passenger Numbers (mppa) 26.4
Cargo Tonnes (p.a.) 109,000 metric tonnes
Ownership State of Maryland
Operational Opening Hours 24 hour operation
Total Catchment Population 5.2 million within a 45-minute drive and 9.7 million within a 90-minute drive
Urban Population 7 million within a 60 minute drive
Aircraft Parking Stands 69 jet parking stands with airbridges, eight commuter aircraft parking stands without airbridges and 22 remote parking stands without airbridges