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  • PAX: 1,693,000

About The Airport

Dubrovnik Airport is located 20 km from Dubrovnik, the town known as the Pearl of the Adriatic and the site recognized by the UNESCO world cultural heritage.

Dubrovnik Airport has been recording growth in passenger traffic.During the year 2016, 2,0 million passengers flew from and to Dubrovnik. The catchment area is southern part of Croatia, as well as parts of the neighbouring countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

Dubrovnik Airport is offering reduction on ground handling charges for new airlines, new destinations and is rewarding airlines for the traffic growth they generate.

With the aim of accommodating over 2 million passengers per year, we have started one of the biggest reconstructions in the history of Dubrovnik Airport. Detailed and precise plan of the reconstruction has been made to allow for reconstruction without any adverse consequences for the quality of service, comfort and safety of passengers.