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  • PAX: 1,536,136

About The Airport

The leading airport of the Italian Riviera, in a strategic position, only 6 Km from the city centre. Easy to reach by either public or private transport.
Attractive catchment area in the NW Italy, with a population of 3.2 Ml (60 min. drive).
Thanks to the mild weather we are the perfect destination for vacation and short breaks all year around


High growth potential: #6 Italian city vs #21 Italian airport  
Liguria #8 in the ranking of Italian regions with the largest GDP per capita
1.5 Ml pax in 2019 (+5,6% vs 2018) > 1.2 Ml expected in 2022
A brand new, fully supportive airport commercial strategy
Supportive local authorities aiming at promoting the destination
Terminal expansion (completion by 2023) - 20M euro investment.
Direct rail connection: 248M euro investment (completion by 2024).
We are moving fast: 2.3 billion euro investment on port and city 


City Airport: business & leakage recovery
Cruise potential: Liguria 1° Italian region (2.6Ml pax welcomed in 2019), 1.9Ml expected in 2022
Highly touristic area all year around with 4.8 Ml tourists (2019 arrivals), 3.5Ml expected in 2022