Routes Europe 2018

The route development forum for Europe

Bilbao, Basque Country
22 - 24 April 2018

About the Host

Routes Europe 2018 will be hosted by Basquetour and The Basque Government.

The Ministry for Tourism, Trade and Consumer Affairs of the Basque Government, is the competent institution for the development of the Basque Country as a tourist destination and to head the promotion and implementation of the strategy for the competitiveness of tourism as an economic activity which generates wealth and employment. Our goal is to improve the position of the Basque Country in strategic segments and consolidate the Basque Country brand as a tourist destination in emerging markets and facilitate long-term economic growth for the tourism industry through developing and marketing.

Our objectives are boost tourism, increasing its positive impact and increase the satisfaction of our visitors and locals. We are committed to consolidate tourism in the Basque Country as a tool for economic and social stimulation. We are working in close collaboration with all its stakeholders, including international organizations for the development and promotion of sustainable tourism.

Biscay is one of three provinces of the Basque Country, home to 1.2 million inhabitants, the city of Bilbao and the oldest spoken language in Europe. It boasts a dynamic economy based in manufacturing, industry, and advanced services on par with other leading regions in Europe. The Government of Biscay enjoy high levels of autonomy and a broad array of powers, including tax raising, urban planning, roads and public engineering works, the environment, cultural heritage, and social welfare. The Department for Economic Development is the tourism leading organization for Biscay. Our main aim is to contribute significantly to the advancement of Biscayan tourism by giving it a real presence in the global marketplace and benefiting the whole of Territory.