Swine Flu Update

Some delegates may be wondering why we have not made any public statements concerning possible quarantine in Beijing due to swine flu.

We have been taking advice from our insurers and our host BCIA with a view to giving accurate advice to our delegates.

Routes have an "action plan" prepared to provide some support in the case that a delegate is quarantined. This will include a review of our respective insurance policies to see if they can assist.

We strongly recommend that before you travel you review your travel policy to ensure it provides comprehensive travel and medical insurance. We also recommend that you consider you own government guidelines on travel.

In the highly unlikely event a delegate is quarantined and prevented from attending Routes. We can assure you that we will look into each individual case and after review reach a decision which is fair to both parties.

In the mean time, we will be continuing to monitor the situation and keep you advised of any further developments.