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Routes Unveils Airline Opportunities

Posted 20/10/2008 - Viewed 4792 time(s)

Kuala Lumpur, 12 October 2008

In a year that has seen airlines cut large numbers of services, Routes has launched a new free service to help airports find new airlines quickly. Hosted on the event's official website, ‘Airline Opportunities' allows airports to load both their new route opportunities and routes that are soon to be withdrawn. Airlines can then search these routes and assess which city pair is right for them.

Experience has shown for airports that it is vitally important that a new airline is found, before the current carrier ends the service, or at least as soon as possible after it has ceased. In this way the market remains in place rather than passengers having to find new ways to do the journey. On ‘Airline Opportunities', airports can literally put a route opportunity back into play within seconds.

The uptake of the new service has been astonishing. At its unveiling at The 14th World Route Development Forum in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, some 1,500 route opportunities had already been loaded by airports. Many more are expected over the next few months.

David Stroud, Chief Operating Officer of RDG, the organiser of Routes, was delighted: "I am really pleased we have been able to use our website to provide a service that can help airports in this current difficult time. When existing airlines are scaling back, or sometimes withdrawing completely, airports need to cast the net immediately for alternatives. ‘Airline Opportunities' is an instantaneous platform for airports to reach new carriers."

"The airports and airlines attending this year's Routes will be receiving briefings on the new facility, and we expect it to become a key new route development media for both parties over the forthcoming weeks and months, whilst these difficult times for the industry continue," he added.