NEW AIRLINE: LV Air Outlines Proposed Network Plans

US start-up carrier LV Air will this week finalise leasing and crewing arrangements for its first aircraft as it prepares to inaugurate flights.  The company is planning to bring a level of luxury back to the commercial aviation market and will focus on bringing casino players and vacationers to its Las Vegas McCarran International base from points across the US. 

"The new public charter carrier will provide Boeing 767 non-stop jet service between McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas and John F Kennedy International Airport, New York and several other US cities, starting in autumn 2011," said Bryan Glazer, President, JetPlane Public Relations and spokesman for the airline.  It is currently partnering with gaming resorts and examining which other airports it will fly from later this year.  In addition to its proposed launch route, the company is also planning possible service from numerous other airports in Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia.

"Some of these airports have placed an 'open call' in published news stories trying to entice a carrier like LV Air to start service to Las Vegas from their communities.  These enticements include assisting new carriers with local marketing efforts and waiving take-off, landing, gate and terminal space fees," added Bryan Glazer.

According to recent statistics, due to the nation's sluggish economy, Las Vegas is losing as many as eight million guests annually compared to overnight figures for 2007, according to the start-up.   Furthermore, the recession and rising fuel prices have contributed to airline flight reductions, service cutbacks and carrier consolidations causing Las Vegas to lose upward of 20,000 airline passengers daily.

"LV Air plans to fill the gap left by the major airlines by offering a unique in-flight, luxurious Las Vegas experience," said Sean Smith, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, LV Air.  "Our first class seats will be fully reclining for the 5.5 hour flight between New York and Las Vegas.  The cabin will include mood lighting, club music, celebrity holographic video safety briefings, Wi-Fi, intra-seat text messaging, at-seat TV monitors and three-course Las Vegas-style gourmet meals prepared by some of 'Sin City's' most-renowned chefs." 

"LV Air is not a low-cost carrier trying to compete with airlines that already offer Las Vegas flights," emphasises Sean Smith.  "Instead, we are a company committed to returning luxury to Las Vegas air travel by providing cross-country comfort, attentive in-flight service, delicious onboard dining and airport-to-casino stretch limousine ground transportation for first class passengers, among other things.” 

LV Air Founder and Chief Marketing Officer Sean Smith and Chief Executive Officer Kent Smith (no relation) have recently met with Dynamic Air in Dallas, Texas to work-out final details of lease agreements for 767 jets and flight crews.  "Three other licensed carriers have submitted lease proposals to LV Air," said CEO Kent Smith.  "All leases are being negotiated through Worldwide Charter Services, which is a full service charter procurement company."

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