Syrian Air to Resume Boeing 747SP Flights

Syrian Air is expected to return its Boeing 747SP to scheduled passenger service three years after it retired the type from operation.  The aircraft is tentatively scheduled to operate eights flights per week to five different Middle Eastern destinations between the start of July and the end of October. 

According to the carrier’s current GDS schedule the Jumbo Jet will replace Airbus A320s on one of three weekly flights to Abu Dhabi and Dammam as well as two of three weekly services to Algiers, five weekly links to Jeddah and eight rotations to Dubai. 

Syrian Air has two 747SPs, both of which are currently in storage.  They have each seen more than 30 years of service with the carrier having been delivered new in May and July 1976.  They are configured in a two-class 324-seat layout with 16 First Class and 208 Economy seats and their introduction will therefore result in a small increase in capacity on each of the five routes.