United Starts Dash8-Q400 Operation from Denver

UNITED starting 31JUL12 (late-night flight) is introducing Dash8-Q400 turboprop service out of its Denver hub. UNITED Express carrier Republic Airline will operate the Q400 to following cities.

Denver – Durango eff 31JUL12
Denver – Kansas City eff 31JUL12
Denver – Vail/Eagle eff 27AUG12
Denver – Colorado Springs eff 28AUG12
Denver – Hayden eff 28AUG12
Denver – Rapid City eff 28AUG12
Denver – Jackson Hole eff 05SEP12
Denver – Wichita eff 05SEP12
Denver – Albuquerque eff 03OCT12
Denver – Billings eff 03OCT12
Denver – Oklahoma City eff 03OCT12
Denver – Salt Lake City eff 03OCT12
Denver – Sioux Falls eff 03OCT12

All Dash8-Q400 scheduled operation is currently listed until 03NOV12.