WORLD ROUTES: Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport City Generates $1.3bn for Local Economy

Phoenix-Mesa Gateway airport city is worth almost double what it thought it was worth to the state of Arizona, USA, according to a study by Arizona State University. Prior to the study, published yesterday by the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University, the former Williams Air Force Base reported its contribution to the State to be worth $685m. This latest research, however, indicates it is worth almost double this, generating over $1.3bn annually for the local economy.

Gateway is designated as a foreign trade zone as well as a military reuse zone. Since reopening in 1994 under the name Phoenix-Mesa Gateway it has been developing into an aerospace centre, catering to over 50 private employers on its grounds including Cessna, Embraer and Lockheed Martin.

The University’s report, led by Professor Dr. Lee McPheters, found that on-airport direct impacts totalled $373.1m of revenue and $118.3m of payrolls, and off-airport direct impacts totalled $394m in revenue and $106m in payrolls. Further, the indirect impact of the airport totalled $234.8m in revenue, and impact induced by employees of the airport spending their wages totalled $309.3m.

While there are 2,042 jobs created at the airport, the report says there are a further 4,383 jobs created by the need to provide for visitors to the airport.

Gail Barney, Town of Queen Creek Mayor and Airport Authority vice chairman, welcomed the new evidence of the airport’s value to the local economy: "Once again Gateway Airport has proven what a powerhouse it is in terms of economic impact on our region.

“Our area was greatly impacted by the Great Recession, and yet we saw an increase of 79 per cent in economic activity surrounding the airport and a 150 per cent increase in employment numbers for businesses in that area. That's impressive. It also shows how much productivity is generated by the airport and its effect on the surrounding communities.”

This article was reproduced and edited from an original story that appeared on our sister site Global Airport Cities.

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