WORLD ROUTES: Changi Airport Group Leads on Social Media

Ivan Tan, senior vice president, corporate and marketing communications at Changi Airport Group, discussed the company’s social media presence at World Routes during a special session at this year’s forum in Las Vegas. 

Tan said the airport was fairly late to the social media game, starting up its Facebook and Twitter accounts in 2009, but at the time of writing, had already secured 228,746 Facebook likes; 10,444 Twitter followers; 5,657 Instagram followers; and 1,026 YouTube subscribers.  Interestingly, the airport’s Instagram account was only opened last year and gained 5,000 followers within 15 months.

Tan explained that Changi was second only to Amsterdam Schiphol for Facebook likes and surpassed other airports with its user engagement score on the social network.  The airport mainly uses Facebook for sharing pictures and entertainment, while its Twitter feed offers news, information and tips for passengers.

Changi uses its social media accounts to help promote airlines that don’t have a big online presence.  It posts photographs of aircraft and cabin crew, as well as engaging passengers in travel competitions.  Remarkably, Tan says that the group spends between S$12,000 to S$15,000 on developing apps to accompany its social media accounts.

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