WORLD ROUTES: An Industry in Transition

The aviation industry is constantly changing and this is not more evident than in the airline business.  The arrival of low-cost airlines and the subsequent transition to low-fare operations, changing passenger characteristics, a rise in mobile technology are just three areas where the landscape has changed significantly for airlines.  What is clear is if you are slow to change then the results can be disastrous as many legacy operations have discovered over the past two decades. 

At World Routes, The HUB caught up with Jochen Schnadt, Managing Director, Latitude Aviation to learn his views on an industry in transition.  The senior aviation executive was the co-founder of Irish regional carrier jetmagic in the 2000s and subsequently held positions and consultancy roles at Aer Lingus, BA CityFlyer, Qatar Airways, Virgin Nigeria, lessor AWAS and most recently as Commercial Director at UK carrier Monarch Airlines.

Jochen Schnadt, Managing Director, Latitude Aviation shares his views on developments in the industry and how airlines have had to adapt their strategies to meet changing demand and increasing competition.

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