Top 10 Things to Request from Airports ahead of Routes Events

Make the most of the time you have with each another on site at Routes events, good preparation on both sides is required for success!

Route Exchange Airline Profiles allow you to campaign and brief attending airports on exactly what you want to see during your meetings! 

By taking five minutes to update your profile you can save yourself a lot of time ahead of your meetings at Routes events and ensure that you get the most from your time at the event. The earlier you brief attending airports the more time an airport will have to prepare the information you wish to see. We want you to have all the information you need, enabling you to talk business much sooner.

The information you upload to your Route Exchange Airline Requirements page can then be sent in an email alert through Routesonline to your target airports ensuring the information you have uploaded is seen by the people attending our events.

If you are concerned about revealing this information to competitors then never fear! Simply send us this information in an email and we can ensure that this information is only seen by the organisations you are meeting with at the event.

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10 things to request from Airports ahead of Routes events by updating your Route Exchange profile.

  1.   Detailed traffic and passenger analysis.
  2.   Request catchment economics specific to your network.
  3.   MIDT Data, market knowledge, bilaterals, visa requirements etc.
  4.   Relevant business linkages.
  5.   Any pricing and incentives you require.
  6.   Long term growth opportunities.
  7.   What opportunities you are currently evaluating, short and long term?
  8.   Do you have aircraft on order which could open doors for airports you previously would not have considered?
  9.   Providing a little information on your decision making process, manage an airports expectations early!
  10.   Would you like to meet with other stakeholders in a potential partnership? ie. Tourism Authorities, Economic Development Agencies, Local Business Leaders etc.

You don't have to be attending an event to request this information!

Leverage the power of Routesonline to request this information from Airports at any time throughout the year. Your profile can be activated to accept Route Proposals at any time and we can event promote your request for information through our homepage and newsletter. Many other airlines have seen a huge benefit in taking advantage of the power of Routesonline!

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