The Perfect Length of Posts Online

Whether it be Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, monitoring the length of anything you write online is essential. It’s not just writing too much that can be the problem- writing too little can have a detrimental effect on the number of people who take notice of your post. Here's a little guideline to the perfect length of posts online.

Research from scientists and the advises us on the perfect post length, to stand out on social media and keep our audiences interested and engaged.

Although Twitter limits us to 140 characters, this research suggests that ‘the perfect Tweet’ is around about 100 characters- so learn to limit yourselves. The research also shows that a tweet containing 70-100 characters is more likely to be retweeted, as it allows for the user to retweeting to add comment as well. One billion Tweets pass through the Twittersphere per week, so it’s vital you make yours stand out.

Facebook is much the same- posts with 80 characters or less receive 66% more engagement (Buffer) again proving that less, is indeed more. Although Facebook formulates less traffic than Twitter, it is still important to create a post that stands out. Photographs/video content work better than solid text, when embedded properly (delete the original URL, it makes the post ugly!). Uploading a visual aid is more effective- users on average spend two-tenths of a second forming a first impression on a website or post, so if you use a picture instead of words, you will be more likely to grab the seemingly short attention span of your reader.

Obviously, blogs are intended to be a bit lengthier than your average news article, but should still be no longer than 1,600 words (7 minutes). Research suggests that this could even be limited to 1000 words for photo-heavy posts. Choose your content carefully to ensure your readers stick with your article, but still receive all the necessary information you want to give them.

Finally, email subject lines- far from the obvious one. Email subject lines are useless, and can’t help with engagement or marketing right? Wrong. Although it does not show the greatest incline/decline in numbers in comparison to engagement, research has shown that 28-39 characters in a subject line is optimum.

All of the above research was found at

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