A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Insights

Facebook insights can be a very useful and powerful tool to help you utilize your Facebook page efficiently.

It can be seen by all of the administrators of your page, so everyone who has access to your page can see which content is performing well, and which isn’t. It also enables you to view the time of day most of your followers are active, so you can schedule posts at the times they will be most viewed.

Your Facebook insights can be found on your Facebook business homepage- in the top left hand corner click the button that is simply named ‘insights’. From here, you will be able to view the activity of your posts and followers.

The first tab is the ‘Overview’ tab. This gives you insight (pardon the pun) into your post activity. It will generate statistics related to how many likes your page has received, how many people your posts have reached, and how many people engaged with your posts. It also gives you a mini breakdown of stats for the last five things you posted to Facebook.

The following tab is the ‘Likes’ tab, which gives you a breakdown of your total page likes. You can set date targets, to find out how your page likes have increased over days, weeks and months. Facebook insights also tell you where your likes came from- for example, through a Google search, a recommendation, or through a mobile device, allowing you to gear your content towards the right people.

The ‘Reach’ tab is probably one of the most useful- it allows you to see how many views each individual post received, therefore allowing you to formulate a good idea as to which content works best. From this data you can produce content in a similar format, to ensure you receive the highest engagement. Routesonline have found that posts with photo or video content receive higher engagement rates than an average status updates, and posts with outgoing links to articles work well too.

The ‘Visits’ tab is similar to the ‘Likes’ tab, in that it informs you about where the traffic to your Facebook page came from. It’s useful if you are trying to gear traffic from a particular source as it lets you see the success rates of this.

Similarly to the ‘Reach’ tab, the ‘Posts’ tab is one of the more effective components to Facebook insights. It allows you to see exactly how many followers viewed your page at exactly what time. This is the perfect way to work out how and when to schedule your posts to Facebook to receive the greatest amount of hits. It also gives you a breakdown of all of the posts you have published to your page in the past three months. Although this is a bit of a marketing tool for Facebook, as they encourage you to ‘boost’ the post (for a small fee), it still shows you which content is working best.

And finally, the ‘People’ tab which gives you a geographical breakdown of the visitors to your Facebook page, as well as showing the percentage of men and women to visit your Facebook page.

Although this may seem a little simplistic, Facebook analytics are not something to be ignored as they could really benefit you and your business when it comes to page views and online recognition, which in turn as well all know; generates revenue.

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