Learn more with a briefing at World Routes 2015

In addition to the Route Exchange Briefings taking place in Durban, a number of other organisations will present a briefing at World Routes 2015.

Our programme of briefings provide a variety of information including market overviews, future plans for growth, traveller trends, route exchange information and much more all at World Routes 2015.

In addition to Route Exchange Briefings, a number of organisations will provide a host of relevant informaiton, exclusive to World Routes attendees. 

Brand USA will present their proprietary research and ACMI 24 will provide an overview of how to effectively use wet leasing to manage fleet and network planning.  

ASM will deliver a briefing focused on The Art of Route Forecasting, delivered by Senior Consultant, Mike St-Laurent. This informative session will illustrate how to build a route traffic and revenue forecast. Topics covered in this briefing will include:

  • Forecasting methodologies / techniques
  • Data sources
  • Forecasting by passenger segment (local / beyond / behind / bridge)
  • Market stimulation
  • Seasonality
  • Directionality
  • Market growth
  • Benchmarking analysis

Carroll Rheem, Brand USA’s Vice President of Research and Analytics will deliver the Brand USA briefing titled International Traveler Trends – Brand USA's Proprietary Research Across Twelve Origin Markets, where they will present their proprietary research about travellers from different locations around the world.

The ACMI briefing will follow on from previous presentations by ACMI 24 and will include a review of the market update and trends in 2015. ACMI 24 work with leading airlines around the world including flag carriers, low cost and charter airlines, operating hundreds of ACMI flights on behalf of their airline partners.

Route Exchange Briefings taking place in Durban will include easyJet, Air India, Finnair and Brazil Airports.

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