Airports Play Vital Role to Local, Regional and Worldwide Economies

WATCH the World Routes Strategy Summit keynote address from Angela Gittens, Director General, Airports Council International.

The biggest issues for airports are around infrastructure. The demand for air services is growing pretty much everywhere in the world. All points are seeing an increase in traffic. At the same time, airports are becoming competitive because airlines can go shopping now and they are driving hard bargains.

“The principles under which an airport is governed are what matters – not ownership. That way you would avoid political decisions and instead get business decisions dictated by the market.”

This means airlines are no longer a major source of revenue even though a huge amount of money is needed to improve the infrastructure to handle the extra traffic. So the challenge for airports is where do they find a source of revenue that won’t repel the airlines but that provides enough money to keep a facility up-to-date and able to meet the demands of the local community. And Angela Gittens, director general, Airports Council International, believes airport and airlines are finally beginning to show some mutual respect.

We were delighted to welcome Angela Gittens to Durban, South Africa to present a keynote address at the World Routes Strategy Summit providing the airport perspective on Airports in Africa and the important role they play in supporting regional and national economies.

"You need to find common ground, a way to talk to each other and a way to lead that allows for the smooth flow of passengers and for the airport community to function – even though each partner may have different objectives."

You can view our interview with Angela Gittens here, or watch her presentation from the World Routes Strategy Summit, below:

WORLD ROUTES 2015 - Angela Gittens speaks in Durban, South Africa at the World Routes Strategy Summit.

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