Embraer: our new aircraft will make 800 European unserved routes profitable

Embraer's Raul Villaron bullish on potential for new E195-E2 aircraft

As many as 800 unserved routes in Europe could be operated profitably with the new E195-E2 aircraft.

Speaking during the Routes Europe 2017 live content programme, Embraer marketing director EMEA Raul Villaron said the march of the European low cost carriers (LCCs) had seen many regional routes now profitably served.

However, he added many others remain unserved as the aircraft do not exist to ensure they can be fully profitable ventures; until the E195 comes into service in 2019.

Raul said: “It is good on regional flights of three to four hours maximum. We wanted it to be the best aircraft in terms of being economical.”

He added the aircraft could give LCCs a new boost having seen growth drop from between 30% to 40% previously to about 10% now.

However, Raul added the aircraft would be profitable for any airline as they increasingly copy each others’ business models in order to compete.

“All airlines are moving in the same direction,” he said. “They are becoming a type of hybrid airline and this is going to happen more and more.”