Jetstar CEO: LCCs 'unlikely to succeed' in ultra-long-haul markets

Low-cost carriers are unlikely to succeed in the current ultra-long-haul markets due to customer expectations.

Low-cost carriers are unlikely to succeed in the current ultra-long haul markets due to customer expectations.

Speaking at Routes Asia 2018 in Brisbane, Jetstar Group chief executive Gareth Evans argued that travellers have a natural cut-off limit to the amount of time they will spend on a low-cost flight.

He added: "The longer the routes are, the more difficult it becomes from the LCC perspective; customers do want more comforts and more services.

"We've got very successful routes that are ten hours. I'm not sure yet if it's fully proven how the market would react to 16,17 or 18 hour schedules and flights that have to hub."

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Evans admitted this had impacted Jetstar's own strategic thinking as one plan had been to offer LCC flights to Europe but this was currently on hold.

However, he admitted markets do change and one that could make a difference is that of Chinese middle class travellers, who have effectively only known the LCC model and, as a result, could be more adaptable to serious long-haul routes.

When they do, Jetstar will be ready to strike Evans said, adding: "We will continue to monitor the markets and we will have the capability to fulfill that demand if that demand is there."