Case study: how the Canary Islands has achieved extraordinary results

Find out how award-winning Promotur, the Canary Islands tourist board, has overseen the development of more than 250 air routes into the islands since 2017.

Promotur, the Canary Islands tourist board, has directly influenced airlines to bring more passengers to their destination than ever before, overseeing the development of 252 new air routes into the islands since 2017.

Spread across seven islands, the Canary Islands are home to just over two million people, with the economy based on a booming tourist trade which represents 33 percent of GDP and employment.

While the location of the islands has made them a year-round tourist destination, the reality of their location has meant that the Canary Island has long had a historic need for connectivity between the islands and the rest of the world, especially Europe.

Using a strategy built around five differentiated but complementary lines of action, Promotur saw extraordinary results. Our new case study will examine how these five pillars came together to form a cohesive and successful strategy.

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