A quick chat with… Cesar Pereira

Routesonline caught up with Cesar Pereira, vice president of Embraer Commercial Aviation for Asia Pacific and a speaker at World Routes 2019.

Who are you and what do you do? 
I am Brazilian with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, a Master’s degree in Aeronautics and an MBA in Enterprise Management. I have been working at Embraer for 16 years and, prior to my current role, I was the head of consulting at Embraer Commercial Aviation, where I worked hand in hand with airlines to shape their planning and strategies. Currently, I am vice president of Embraer Commercial Aviation for Asia Pacific, based in the Embraer's regional headquarters in Singapore since August 2017. 

What are the best and worst parts of the job?

The best part for sure are the relationships you create with people from over the world. The cultural diversity that we are exposed to is also something that amazes me every day. The downside is the amount of travel required, which comes with high personal cost especially to our families. 

What are the biggest challenges and opportunities at the moment?

The biggest challenge is to increase the Embraer footprint in Asia Pacific, which also translates in excellent opportunities. With a well-known gap in 70 and 150-seats segment, no other region in the world represents such a huge potential for growth in the segment where Embraer is the undisputed leader. 

Who do you admire most in the industry and why?

This is a fascinating industry with so many thought leaders that is hard to pick a name. Considering that nearly 65 million jobs are supported by aviation worldwide, my kudos go to all visionary airline CEOs who are able to find blue oceans to keep their airlines growing and creating more jobs. In a competitive industry like this, the only way to stand out is by differentiating from the others. 

What do you get up to outside of work? 

Other than spending time with my family, I developed a passion for running. It helps me to keep up the energy level required for this job. 

What is your guilty pleasure? 

Being raised in the Brazilian countryside, I grew up spending my time in farms and listening to Brazilian country music. Whenever I want to disconnect from my daily activities, I put my favourite records on to throwback my childhood times. 

Which destination is on your bucket list?

Having travelled to 47 countries already, when thinking about new destinations I can only think about knowing more my home country. Brazil is beautiful and diverse. Visiting the north part of Brazil, which includes the Amazonia rainforest, is definitely on my bucket list. 

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