Community spotlight: App in the Air

Routesonline finds out more about App in the Air from Bayram Annakov, the travel assistant app's chief executive and founder.

What is the purpose of App in the Air?

Aviation has always been a personal passion and in 2012, I was able to also make it a profession, founding App in the Air.  At the most basic level, App in the Air is a technology company for frequent fliers and the airlines and airports that serve them.   Our products cater to these audiences well; App in the Air is the application for frequent fliers that makes it easy to juggle multiple itineraries and rewards programs, with built-in features and a streamlined interface that take the hassle out of flying.

 For aviation customers, App in the Air has developed a new, customer-centric approach to network planning based on actal booking data that demonstrably and significantly improves predictions of schedule changes over the traditional Quality Service Index (QSI) approach.

Are you mainly targeting the corporate or leisure travellers?

App in the Air was designed for frequent fliers, whether they fly for professional reasons or for pleasure, although the application was quickly adopted by business travelers. It was the plight of the million-mile travelers depicted by George Clooney’s hit movie “Up in the Air” that compelled me to create this service and where I drew inspiration for the name.

As the user base expands beyond five million active travelers, many of whom are employing the app for leisure use, App in the Air still remains guided by its ethos as a tool for frequent fliers. 

With so many useful features including  real-time flight alerts of gate changes, trip delays, etc.; user-generated reviews of each airport and aircraft; augmented reality luggage measurement, performed through your phone camera; a map of all flights recorded, visible in either 2-D or in your AR camera; TSA wait times, sourced by users; and so much more -- it’s easy to see why frequent fliers appreciate the app. Soon, App in the Air will roll out a new booking tool. 

Currently in beta, the new tool uses AI technology to learn user preferences and sort by applicable filters including schedule, airline and loyalty programs. 

How does App in the Air differ from other productssuch as Google, for example, which also adds flight itineraries to user calendars)?

For travellers, there are many apps in the market that can perform one or two of the functions of our App in the Air, but none that can do it all as conveniently and efficiently as App in the Air. We cover all stages of the travel lifecycle – booking, pre-travel, day-of travel and post-travel. Other services pale in comparison to the comprehensive and highly analytical approach we take to consumer travel assistance because our tools are based on real-life feedback from travelers’ actual booking behavior.

This is why we’re also excited to introduce and discuss our truly innovative approach to network planning, which - while aimed at airline and aviation customers, will ultimately impact and improve travel for frequent fliers because our solution is based on their actual travel preferences.

What is your main message at World Routes?

There’s always a better way to do something, which is why we are so excited to be at World Routes and to share details about our new, customer-centric approach to network planning that demonstrably and significantly improves predictions of schedule changes. Frequent flier preferences, from airline and alliance to schedule and price, drive booking decisions.

As creator of the premier personal travel assistant for frequent fliers, App in the Air has analyzed tens of millions of multi-airline reservations to develop a model that simulates schedule changes and predicts market share using traveler's actual booking behavior.  It’s simply better than the traditional QSI approach and we’re looking forward to sharing that message with our aviation colleagues at World Routes.