Southwest flying to be down 50% in June

The LCC plans to continue to serve every city in its network.

Southwest Airlines has said it will slash its June flight activity by around 50% year-over-year to contend with the demand drop associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Dallas-based carrier said it will be operating just 2,000 daily flights between June 6 and June 27.

“The cuts proactively address significantly lower passenger demand, operational disruptions, and the ongoing suspension of our international service,” the carrier said in a statement.

“The overall demand for travel remains fluid during this ongoing pandemic and we continue to evaluate further reductions.”

The LCC emphasized it will maintain passenger service “to every city we serve” and will continue to fly belly cargo around the country. “Nearly every city pair” previously offered will be maintained, Southwest said, adding that “some journeys that had been nonstop might now require a same-plane stop or a connection.”

Photo credit: Southwest Arlines

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