Tailwind Air to fly between Boston Harbor and Manhattan with seaplanes 

The 75-min. route will allow business passengers to fly between the heart of both cities and bypass major airports. 

US seaplane operator Tailwind Air will launch flights between Boston Harbor (BNH) and New York Skyport (NYS) from Aug. 3, creating a city-to-city route that allows business passengers to bypass major airports. 

NYS is located on East 23rd St. in Manhattan. The route, which will take approximately 75 min. to fly, will be operated multiple times each weekday by Cessna Grand Caravan EX aircraft that carry eight passengers. The airline plans to offer flights for $395 each way. 

“By offering nonstop, weekday flights at peak hours to and from Manhattan and Boston Harbor, we present exclusive time savings over all other modes of transportation, at a reasonable price premium,” Tailwind Air CEO Alan Ram said. "Our service combines the accessibility of the train with the speed of a flight." 

Tailwind will become the first carrier to fly between BNH and NYS on a scheduled basis. New England's Cape Air has spoken for years about starting such a service, but its plans have never gotten off the ground. 

“Tailwind Air erases the hassle and expense of commuting to an airport and lengthy check-in, security and boarding processes,” the airline said in a statement. "By cutting travel times 40%-60%, Tailwind Air's premium service reduces aggravation and opens up half day business trips.”  

Southern Airways will codeshare on route. “Connecting Boston and New York Harbors by air is indeed a game changer, and we are proud to be the exclusive airline codeshare partner on this venture,” Southern said in a statement. 

For passengers not wanting to pay per trip, Tailwind Air will also offer prepaid “commuter books” of 10, 20, and 50 tickets for passengers, noting these “can be shared with colleagues, friends and family that save 35% or more off last-minute fares. Corporate rates are also available.” 

Photo credit: Tailwind Air