Barcelona ‘Ready For Comeback’

The city is keen to get airlines back after the pandemic and return to its 2019 traffic levels.

Barcelona is “ready now for a comeback on the world stage,” the Barcelona Air Route Development Committee (BARDC) has told Routes. 

After a record 2019 with 52 million passengers and 47 intercontinental destinations, the city faced a “huge challenge” during COVID-19.

BARDC comprises Aena, Barcelona City Council, the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, and the Government of Catalonia, and believes this multi-disciplinary approach is key to future successes. 

BARDC president Isidre Gavín i Valls said: “We realized that to overcome this huge challenge our greatest asset was our ability to work together as multi-institutional team putting greater effort to support the comeback of airlines and try to exploit ad hoc opportunities such as air cargo and ad hoc new routes.

“Today, our European network is fully re-established in terms of destinations, and for long-haul all Middle East carriers, many African carriers and most American operators have also come back already to Barcelona.

“We hope to regain especially the Canadian operators, some Latin American carriers and the Asian carriers."

Photo credit: Pixabay