Angola Invests In Airport Upgrades For M’Banza Congo

Work on M’Banza Congo Airport’s ground and air systems is being performed by Indra, which has led similar projects in Angola.

Credit: Indra

M’Banza Congo Airport in northwestern Angola is embarking on a €12.5 million ($13.4 million) modernization project, which will include operational, air traffic management (ATM) and communication systems upgrades.

Work on the airport’s ground and air systems is being performed by Madrid-based technology company Indra, which has led similar projects at Angola’s Luanda, Lubango and Catumbela airports, as well as further afield in Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique and Tunisia.

Indra says the digitization of the airport’s processes will include a high degree of automation, using flight-plan data to allocate the airport’s resources, which is intended to reduce waiting times for passengers and aircraft.

“The project encompasses the operational, communication, security and control tower systems,” Indra says. Upgrades will also be made to M’Banza Congo’s check-in, security, boarding and passenger information systems.

Behind the scenes, the airport’s telephone and Wi-Fi networks will also be modernized, along with various ATM and navigation systems, such as the instrument landing systems (ILS) and a range of ATM communications upgrades.

“Thanks to all of this state-of-the-art equipment and the fact that it will have a runway for large aircraft, M’Banza Congo airport is expected to serve as a back-up in the event of any contingency for the airport in the capital, Luanda, which is about 450 km (280 mi.) away,” says Berta Barrero, managing director of Indra's mobility business.

Indra says it has carried out more than 300 airport projects in 87 cities around the world, with its ATM systems spanning over 180 countries.

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