Cyprus Airports Target Sustained Growth

Hermes Airports' Maria Kouroupi says Larnaka and Paphos airports in Cyprus have seen a quick rebound in passenger traffic, boding well for sustained growth.

Credit: Hermes Airports
Hermes Airports manages Cyprus' Larnaka and Paphos airports. 

Larnaka and Paphos international airports in Cyprus have witnessed a swift rebound in passenger traffic, setting a solid foundation for sustained growth, says Maria Kouroupi, senior manager for aviation development, marketing and communication at Hermes Airports.

With concerted efforts to expand market reach, the airports have successfully replaced the Russian and Ukrainian markets, accounting for 20% of total passenger traffic, by penetrating already served markets such as Poland, Greece, Germany, Israel, Armenia, France and Italy.

Both Larnaka and Paphos reported a record-breaking performance in the first quarter of 2023, with a 10% increase compared to the same period in 2019. Currently, the airports are served by 55 airlines operating 155 routes to 38 countries.

"We have been proactive in handling the surge in traveler numbers, particularly during the busy summer period of 2022, without any operational issues, setting us apart from other European airports,” says Kouroupi.

She adds: “This success is a result of effective coordination and collaboration within the entire airport community.”

Looking ahead, Hermes Airports has formulated an action plan to maintain and enhance its level of service, aiming to provide an even better experience for both airlines and passengers. Its ultimate goal is to rebuild to 2019’s pre-pandemic passenger traffic levels of 11.3 million.

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