An Airports Brand Can Be It's Most Effective Asset

ASM Announces Partnership with Aerobrand Manchester and New York, December 2008

It is not only the growth of an airport's route network that determines its success, both as abusiness as well as the role it plays in the city and region it serves. Branding also plays a key role in the minds and consequently the decisions of the airport's customers.

Since 1993, ASM has specialised in the field of route development for airports ‐ indeed it was
the first company in the world to do so. ASM works exclusively for airports, helping them expand their route networks and bring economic development to their surrounding regions. The results we have achieved support our claim to be the world leader in our field.

ASM has devised numerous route development strategies for airports, setting their direction,
targets and delivery plans. For many airports these strategies have set the foundation for
determining their brands, indeed we believe that at the heart of an airport's brand are the air
services operated there. The airlines and passengers shape so strongly the characteristics of an airport; they are the key determinant of an airport's brand. In its strategic work, ASM has always endeavoured to in‐still a deep understanding of airlines to its airport clients.

For traditional full service marketing agencies, articulating the airport brand has long been a
struggle. Understanding the drivers of the primary customers, the airlines, is difficult for those
who do not dedicate their working lives to communicating with them. Agencies who cannot fully
understand airlines, cannot best communicate an airport's brand and marketing message.

In order to offer a more effective and truly‐leading brand development solution for airports,
ASM has now entered into a long‐term partnership with Aerobrand - a highly specialised brand
strategy and design company exclusively focused on the world of commercial aviation.

For the past eleven years Aerobrand has created full brand programmes for start‐up airlines and re‐energised existing brands for established carriers and aerospace companies all over the world: thinking, planning, designing, and delivering everything from strategic brand workshops to brand identity programmes, aircraft livery design, full cabin interiors, flight attendant uniforms to website design, programming and implementation. Airport environmental signing design to creating television, print, outdoor and online advertising.

Aerobrand offers true insight and a vast knowledgebase of customer behaviours throughout the travel cycle - and it is this understanding together with innovative brand design that truly
separates Aerobrand from other companies.

There is no other brand consultancy in the world more passionate and more dedicated to your
industry than Aerobrand.

ASM AEROBRAND. The right combination for today's world.

We believe it has never been more necessary than it is right now to put aside conventional
thinking and look at things from a completely fresh perspective. The world's economies are
tumultuous to say the least, yet it is precisely these time where innovation and creative thinking yield extraordinary results.

Which is why we invite you to contact either David Stroud in the UK or David Hedley‐Noble in
the US to see first‐hand what the combination of world‐leading route development knowledge
and aviation‐focused brand creativity can mean to you and your airport.

For further information please contact:

David Stroud
ASM Chairman
T: +44 (0) 161 234 2700
E: david.stroud@asm‐
E: david.stroud@asm‐

David Hedley‐Noble
President CEO
T: +1 212 956 3033

Alison Kirkbride
T: +44 (0) 161 234 2700
E: alison.kirkbride@asm‐

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