China Airlines Group Kaohsiung – Manila & Seoul S11 adjustments

From 27MAR11, China Airlines is adjusting Kaohsiung – Manila route and its subsidiary Mandarin Airlines’ Kaohsiung – Seoul Incheon service.

Manila flight increases from 5 to 6 weekly and Seoul Incheon sees schedule adjustment on 1 of 5 weekly service. These flights are operated by Mandarin Airlines E190 aircraft.


Kaohsiung – Manila
CI711 KHH0800 – 0940MNL E90 x2
CI712 MNL1030 – 1210KHH E90 x2

Kaohsiung – Seoul Incheon
AE960 KHH0740 – 1110ICN E90 2
AE960 KHH1635 – 2005ICN E90 x246

AE961 ICN1210 – 1410KHH E90 2
AE961 ICN2100 – 2300KHH E90 x246