Swiss carrier SkyWork expands service in 2011

Edit: Original article mis-typed Bern as Brno. These has been corrected. Thanks to the reader’s notice for the mistake.

Swiss carrier SkyWork in Summer 2011 season is introducing new destination: London City. It plans to operate 6 weekly Bern – London City on board Dash8-Q400 aircraft from 27MAR11.

In addition, it plans to increase Bern – Berlin Schoenfeld service from 6 to 11 weekly; Bern – Hamburg from 4 to 6 weekly; Bern – Barcelona from 6 weekly to Daily. Flight number changes also in effect from the same date.

Also, the airline has announced it’ll be offering following destinations in Winter 2011/12 season, however schedule has not yet been published: Amsterdam, Belgrade, Budapest, Madrid, Milan, Rome and Vienna.

Summer schedule Details:

Bern – Barcelona
SX101 BRN1220 – 1400BCN DH4 D
SX102 BCN1445 – 1615BRN DH4 D

till 26MAR11, flight number is SX4021/4022 and SX4073/4074

Bern – Berlin Schoenfeld
SX117 BRN0655 – 0835SXF D38 x67
SX119 BRN1655 – 1835SXF D38 x6

SX118 SXF0905 – 1045BRN D38 x67
SX120 SXF1905 – 2045BRN D38 x6

till 26MAR11, flight number is SX4013/4014 and SX4023/4024

Bern – Hamburg
SX107 BRN1235 – 1410HAM D38 x6
SX108 HAM1450 – 1630BRN D38 x6

till 26MAR11, flight number is SX4011/4012

Bern – London City NEW Service
SX111 BRN1815 – 1850LCY DH4 x6
SX112 LCY1920 – 2155BRN DH4 x6