Correction/Addendum to Vietnam Airlines S11 Kuala Lumpur operation changes

Note: Due to few erroneous information appeared on Friday 04MAR11’s posting, original post has been removed and being replaced by following

Vietnam Airlines from 16JUN11 is introducing 1 Daily Hanoi – Kuala Lumpur nonstop service, which will replace existing 1-stop service via Ho Chi Minh. Afternoon departure from Ho Chi Minh will shift 2hrs earlier as the aircraft operating pattern is assigned as SGN KUL HAN and HAN KUL SGN. Further, 2nd Daily KUL SGN also sees flight number changes.

In previously post which has been removed, it was noted that the Skyteam member operates 1 Daily from SGN, but this should be corrected to 2 Daily.


Hanoi – Kuala Lumpur eff 16JUN11
VN751 HAN1445 – 1850KUL 321 D
VN750 KUL1855 – 2110HAN 321 D

Ho Chi Minh – Kuala Lumpur
till 15JUN11
VN757 SGN1030 – 1320KUL 321 D
VN759 SGN1630 – 1920KUL 321 D

VN756 KUL1430 – 1520SGN 321 D
VN758 KUL2020 – 2110SGN 321 D

eff 16JUN11
VN757 SGN1000 – 1250KUL 321 D
VN753 SGN1505 – 1755KUL 321 D

VN756 KUL1400 – 1450SGN 321 D
VN752 KUL1950 – 2040SGN 321 D